We can offer training for your church on the following topics:

Personal and Child Evangelism

It was my joy to teach on personal and child evangelism for almost ten years at Virginia Baptist College, now Veritas Baptist College.  These topics are crucial for accomplishing the great commission.  Allow your church to be equipped in this very important area.

Child Safety

Jump Start Ministries is passionate about outreach to children. Before your church does outreach ministry you must be sure you have a safe environment for your kids. This means background checks, screening and a comprehensive safety policy that works and that you abide by. We can help your church make an assessment and put together an action plan to protect your kids. We have been through extensive training in church and child safety in the state of Virginia.   We are here to help.

Training and Development

In order to maximize your efforts at outreach you will need to train and develop your volunteers to lead, communicate and serve in a number of areas.  Training for our events is included in all of our event packages.  Let us know if we can help with specific training or development not directly related to our outreach events.  Training topics that we are prepared to help with include: discipleship, vision, strategy, collaboration and team work.