After a long winter season of being indoors people are looking for community events to be a part of when the Spring season comes around!   March through May is your prime target. The late spring season motivates the community to get outdoors one last time before the summer heat cranks up.  For many people the changing of seasons brings a change of routine which leaves people more open to new experiences, including church.

This is a great time of year to highlight the Easter season.  You may consider a Spring Event for an outdoor Easter celebration or egg hunt.  No matter when in the season you plan your Spring Fest Event, there is a great opportunity to connect with your community with the gospel in mind.

Our Spring Fest packages include a complete and detailed game plan of how to prepare and execute your event by building a team, promotion, food details, permits, evangelism efforts and more.  We also include training for your Spring Fest team.  Additionally, you may find it helpful for us to come and speak on outreach and evangelism leading up to your event.  Our event equipment package also includes multiple inflatables, concession machines, games and other equipment to make your event spectacular.   Additionally, we can provide you with an Easter Bunny mascot costume with a sign that says, “Silly Rabbit, Easter is for Jesus.”  This is a great photo opportunity!  We can provide you with eggs and a plan that is proven to work well for your egg hunt.  An Easter, Spring or Egg themed event can be very impactful in connecting with your community.  You can see our event pricing sheet for more details on cost and equipment in the packages.