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Reach the man, 93% of the time reach the entire family!

The Beast Feast.  I grew up enjoying the outdoors.  My family spent almost all of our vacations camping. We enjoyed the best the East coast had to offer from Florida to New York.  While we did some fishing we never hunted.  Fast forward to my mid to late 20’s.  I was the pastor of a rural church and a few of the men began to invite me repeatedly to go hunting.  I enjoyed my free time with family, fishing the river or even a little golf and did not want to add one more hobby!  They were persistent until I could not think of one more excuse!  My first hunt I fell in love.  Sitting in a perfectly made tree blind in the hills of Patrick county, Virginia with a borrowed rifle I harvested my first white tail deer.  Just a few months after that I experienced my first rabbit hunt, turkey hunt, squirrel hunt, pheasant hunt and more!  I was opened up to a whole new world and I realized that most of the men in our congregation and our community resided in that world.  How would you like your church outreach efforts to step into that world and share the gospel?  We can help!

Wild game dinners or Beast Feast events have been very popular and effective with connecting with people in the community and the church.   We can implement this turn key outreach event or customize your event.  Let us use our experience to guide you through your planning and promotion of this event.

Some of the most effective outreach dinner’s for men are very simple.  Within a two hour period you serve food, share the gospel and give away door prizes.  While being simple can be very effective there are several very important details in each of these steps that should be implemented for  your event to have the maximum impact.

Check out some of the links below that will help you think through your event.  Reach out to us if we can help in any way.

6 Proven Approaches To Promote A Wild Game Dinner

Door Prizes for your event

Gospel Invitation

Don’t have many outdoor’s men in your church or community?  This event can be tweaked to host a men’s steak out dinner or other attractive meal for men in conjunction with another area of interest.