The Inflatable Frenzy Youth Outreach is a competitive outreach event that can be geared towards three different age groups.  Upper Elementary, Middle School, or High School.  Your church should decide which group the event is for and we will adjust accordingly.  The Frenzy can be held in one session or can be held as a multi-day or multi-session event.

Team Competition

The group is split into different teams that will compete during the event in several inflatable interactive and sports games.  Each time a team member wins an individual or group competition, it helps their overall team points.  Some of the inflatable games for the Frenzy include “The Human Whack a Mole,” “The Wrecking Ball,” “Inflatable Jousting and or Boxing,” “Soccer, Baseball or Football Dart,” “Obstacle courses,” and others. 

Team members are given different color wrist bands based on size and gender to match up quickly with competitors from other teams with a similar size and gender.

Outreach Gospel Message for Youth

In addition to the competition, the Frenzy includes a message entitled “The Frenzy Life or the Free Life.”  We discuss from Scriptures the havoc and chaos sin brings to our life vs the freedom that only Christ can give.  The message has a two-part application to both the unsaved and the saved.

Planning Guide

The Frenzy Event package includes a complete and detailed game plan of how to prepare for your event by building a team, promotion, food details, permits, evangelism efforts, and more.  We also include a planning and training session for your Frenzy Event.  Additionally, you may find it helpful for us to come and speak on outreach and evangelism leading up to your event.

Frenzy Packages begin at $1,280.  Packages include 30% OFF inflatable games, training and planning sessions as well as speaking.  Contact us for details.