Ryan Flanders is an experienced pastor of 20 years and holds a Bachelor of Arts in Ministry, a Master of Divinity and certifications in Church Revitalization from Church Answers and in Leadership from Lead Today. Ryan is completing certifications in Transitional Pastoring from Lifeway and a licensed certification in Church Consulting from Church Consulting University with Church Answers.

The consulting with Jump Start ministries leans on the training received through these certifications and the experience of 20 years of pastoral ministry as well as experience with working with dozens of pastors and ministries in the areas of revitalization, transitions and community outreach.

There are three main areas of assessments that we use for our consultations. The Congregation, the Leadership and the Community. Each of these has it’s own assessment tools and consultations. A church may begin with one area, or approach all three together. Contact us for more details about our church consultant opportunities.