The Jump Start Christmas Fest Outreach Event partners with your church to host a spectacular holiday-themed experience.  Christmas time is one of the most sought-after times of the year for people to engage socially.  They are literally driving around looking for stuff to do to experience the season. Who better to share the joy of Christmas than your church?

Planning Guide for Outreach Event

Jump Start Ministries provides a detailed planning guide for your Christmas Fest Outreach Event.  We can help walk you through the entire event from planning to execution.  The Christmas Fest can be customized to your vision and needs.

What the Christmas Fest includes

Typically the Christmas Fest Outreach Event includes several activities hosted by your volunteers.  These activities include Christmas-related crafts, projects, games, decorating. These take place in different rooms throughout your building.

We also encourage the church to have rotating “shows” on a stage.  This could be a drama team, musical team, or some other act.  It is best to have several groups performing throughout the event—both groups from the church and community.

Jump Start has access to some very fun Christmas attractions.  Some are pictured below.  These include Christmas-themed bounce houses, Our life-size Christmas snow globe, and more.

If you would like more information about the Christmas Fest Outreach Event, please contact us.