The first Block Party outreach event goes back to the Gospel of Luke.  Levi, a publican begins to follow Jesus.  The first thing we know about Levi is that he throws a party, invites a crowd, invites Jesus, and serves some food.  It’s all there in Luke 5:27-32 if you want to check it out.  We can also come share this impactful message with your church leading up to your event.

Our idea of a block party is to connect your community with your church in a positive way.  It is becoming increasingly difficult in our culture to get unchurched into the church building to hear the gospel.  We must move outside the walls of the building.  Hosting an event outside at your church property could help you connect with the community.  This allows the community to see you out in the open and know what is happening.  Maybe you need to find a neutral sight like a school or park to host the event.  Some churches may even host multiple events in the back yards or streets of their members’ homes to engage the community. 

Backyard Block Parties for Outreach

We are developing a special program for backyard block parties where you recruit families in your church to host events at their home and invite their neighbors.  Other members provide support and we provide fun equipment and some coaching on strategy.  Whichever strategy you land on, we are here to help.

Our Block Party packages include a complete and detailed game plan of how to prepare for your event by building a team, promotion, food details, permits, evangelism efforts and more.  We also include training for your Block Party team.  Additionally, you may find it helpful for us to come and speak on outreach and evangelism leading up to your event.  Our Block Party package also includes multiple inflatables, concession machines, games and other equipment to make your event spectacular.   See our event pricing sheet for more details on cost and equipment in the packages.