3 Community Outreach Event ideas for your Church

Jump Start Ministries is happy to work with hundreds of churches to help plan community outreach throughout Virginia, D.C., and Maryland from Fairfax to Fredericksburg and beyond.  We work with churches to host community events.  It is truly a joy to see so many ministries in our communities making an impact for the sake of the gospel. 

We have seen time after time a local church host influential community events that tell their community “we are here,” “we are generous,” “we love you.”  Unfortunately for some churches, community events are not on their radar.  They remain unknown by their communities.  

Many Churches that engage the community have relied on Jump Start ministries to help them again and again.  We have seen how our big, bright, and fun inflatables attract kids, families, and the community. 

If your church is ready to re-engage your community in a post-covid world, here are 3 outreach ideas to consider.

Church Block Party for Community Outreach

What’s great about a church block party is it can be done off-site in a key community location. This location could be a common area inside of an HOA in close proximity of your church or at a well-known park. A block party is a more extensive gathering with food, music, and fun activities.  It can be a fun time that adds value to the community. It is a way to be generous and fun.

“Some churches are known for what they ask for; your church should be known for what they give.”

Is there a large, strategic neighborhood you are attempting to reach? Is there a centrally located park or school you can host this event?  Once it is safe for communities to gather, the church should lead the way.  

No one knows gatherings and celebrations like the church. The church has been leading communities to gather weekly for thousands of years. Who should lead us back into gathering in a post-covid world besides the church?

Church BackYard Gatherings for Community Outreach

If the larger block party is too much too soon, consider doing something similar on a smaller scale.  Recruit 5 to 10 families or more to host a backyard party.  Have them invite one or two other church families to join them and then save the rest of the room for their neighbors they will invite.  Help them plan the party, pay for the fun activities, and underwrite the food’s cost, just like you would do if it were one big event.  Your community may not be ready anytime soon for a significant large gathering. Decentralize your ministry through these backyard parties.  Think of them as small groups doing outreach.

Back to Church Weekend for Community Outreach

Your strategy might be to connect your community outreach around your weekend worship gathering; this makes a lot of sense as well.  If people are willing to come to an event centered around your weekend worship experience, it is easier for them to return to the same place on another weekend.  

There is a national campaign called “Back to Church Sunday.”  It typically takes place in September every year. We have worked with other churches to help them plan fun activities to make “Back to Church Sunday” a great event.  “Back to Church Sunday” was initially started to encourage people to come back to the church that became disconnected over a long summer.  We believe churches can leverage this same idea to connect with folks who became disconnected after a long COVID season.

If Jump Start Ministries can help your church plan a community outreach event, please call on us!

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